AIM introduces innovative therapy with adult stem cells for end stage cardiac, pulmonary and peripheral vascular diseases . If you are suffering from heart diseases and doctors tells you that nothing can be done more! There is a New Hope for you!

AIM’s primary product candidates consist of specific populations of adult stem cells that are isolated using our licensed proprietary technology. Stem cells are cells within the human body that have the potential to develop, or differentiate, into other types of cells with individual characteristics and specific functions. Stem cells are found in blood, tissues or organs are referred to as adult stems cells. 

Adult stem cell technology is still in the investigational phase; however, we do know that bone marrow transplantation for leukemia and other diseases affecting bone marrow has been in existence for a number of years.  Basically, we are made of stem cells, which originate in the embryo. In the very early days the inner layer of the fertilized egg is called the endoderm which consists of stem cells having enormous potential to form various tissues and organs producing a human fetus.

The problem with embryonic stem cells is that they do not belong to you and just like any other organ transplantation, there is a rejection phenomenon. Unless we modify the DNA of embryonic stem cells, it is not feasible at the present time to use embryonic stem cells to treat human diseases.

Some human experiments have been carried out using embryonic stem cells in patients who are paraplegics. Even though it improved the muscle power in the lower extremities, these patients developed tumors in their spinal cord and the spinal canal because of the rejection phenomenon.

Until recently, we were not aware of the possibility of stem cell replication and the process of how to differentiate these into different organs and tissues.   AIM’s exclusive research and technology has revealed that one can isolate stem cells from any of the tissues including: fat, skin, muscle, blood, and bone marrow.  In our state-of-the-art lab, we have been able to culture stem cells from the patient’s own blood. The treatment would then be to re-inject the new stem cells into the coronary arteries, heart muscle, into the arteries of the lung and into the peripheral circulation.

AimCell therapy is available today for those suffering with coronary heart disease, ischemic heart disease, cardiomyopathy, peripheral artery disease and COPD (Pending clinical data).



      Years of clinical studiesand actual patient testimonals have proven that adult stem cell therapies can regenerate capillaries and renew blood flow.


The process is simple:  We draw a patient's blood and expand the cell population in our state-of-the-art lab in Orlando, Florida.  Within days, the harvested stem cells are ready to be implanted into the patient at the AIM Medical Institute at an offshore facility.  These new cells have the power to regenerate tissue, increase blood flow and rebuild capillaries.

These Therapies have been successfully used in Asia and Europe for years but AIM's Scientific discoveries are second to none and available today.


Draw 250ml of whole blood



Isolate stem cells



Culture, expand and
differentiate cell population



Implant at target site





This is a picture of gangrene of foot it is almost completely healed.



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Clinically safe and  Proven results on more than 500 patients, Cell Processing from 250 cc of your own blood in a our  GMP certified laboratory by using advanced innovative cutting age unique technology.